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Denix range made more realistic.

Posted by Wood on the 13/11/17

General Information

City : DL5 7BE Co. Durham DL5 7BE

Mechanism : Straight Pull

Calibre : other

Licence : No Licence

Status : Replica

Condition : New

Sale Type : Private

Orientation : Ambidextrous

Make : Denix

Model : Various

Ad details

Hello all,

I can offer a complete service for the re-enactor and/or serious collector who likes their guns to look the part. I work across the whole Denix range, but I have mostly been doing WW2 weapons. These cannot be made to fire as they are just metal replicas, and cock/dry fire only!

The starting price is round about a £100 for a basic untouched Rifle/SMG before it is sent to me, and about £50 for the pistols. Most of these models in the pics have been fully done up, a few are shown how they arrive to me for comparison only! Depending on the model, the price will be about £180-250 for a fully finished model. Please get in touch if your serious about the model/price you acquire/expect to pay, and please be aware a lot of work/effort goes into getting them to look the part? A guideline of a finished model outlined below.

Example: 1 Denix Sten

Gun £100+9 Postage to me.
Skeleton Stock £45
Real Mag £10-15
Inerts x5 £5-7.50
Sling £6-10
Weathering & Alterations £50-60
Postage to you £10

You don't have to get all the extras, as you might already have them, but you have to agree to the Weathering & Alteration service! I have done quite a few now, and they have been very well received.

Where possible I use genuine parts to finish the look off, like magazines with inerts, slings/sling hooks and real furniture? Most need significantly altering to accept these, some more than others, but in the end the result is worth it I'm told many times. I strip, "Weather" and re-varnish any wooden parts to look well used. Plus the metalwork gets a similar "Weathering" to look more "Battle Worn".

The choice of replicas, as is the condition of your "Look" on the gun is entirely up to the individual?? They will be bought brand new to order then shipped out once work has been finished.

Please check out the pictures, some show before and after, so you can see the work involved? Get back to me with any Questions/requests you may have?

Prices start from £100 Postage to/from me-to-you. Then the work, to be discussed before purchase. Over 18 and UK Post only!!

Thank you

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