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British Army L111A1 Practice Hand G...

Posted by Kenty on the 04/01/18

General Information

Price : £ 125.00

City : DH9 6UP County Durham

Status : Training Weapon

Condition : Used Mint Cond.

Sale Type : Private

Ad details

British Army L111A1 Practice Hand Grenade.

This one used to be painted green with stenciled text to replicate real ones for battlefield re-enactment purposes during my re-enactment days, however for sales purposes I have stripped it off back to it's original blue training finish. A few very small spots of green paint are still visible, however a new owner could always repaint it back to green for en-enactment use if they so wished.

Everything such as the fly off lever and mech/safety pin/retaining clip etc still works great. Great for demo's and training.

A perfect addition to any modern re-enactment load-out from Vietnam to present day.

No licence needed.

Price includes free UK delivery.

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