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Haenel Jeager 9 Break Barrel .308

Posted by Robin @ EMmA Custom Rifles on the 16/01/15

General Information

Price : £ 1 699.99

City : Darlington

Mechanism : Break Action

Calibre : .308

Licence : Firearms Section 1

Status : Live Firing

Condition : New

Sale Type : Trade

Orientation : Ambidextrous


Model : Jeager 9

Stock Ref No. : Haenel Jeager 9 Break Barrel

Ad details

Anyone out there still with this ethic ?
These single shot break barrel rifles are now available here in the UK and those sold already have proven themselves popular with great feed back. ' SUPERB handling / GREAT fun to use / Remarkable little rifle ' Most have been .308 and for an extremely light weight rifle they are proving accurate, very easy to handle and surprisingly little recoil from such a small, compact gun. They weigh in at only 2.4kg so just over 5lbs.
Calibers available cover 6.5x57R and 65R / .270 / .308 / .30-06 / .30 Blaser / 7x57 ( .275 ) / 7x65R / 8x57 IRS / 9.3X74R
PLUS in MAGNUM 7mm Rem Mag as well as .300 Win Mag.

For shooting any game from deer up there isnt much missing !

These rifles are never going to appeal to the masses...but those of you that are happy to 'go with the flow' by all means do so. There are a few who like to swim against the current and one of these may well be for you.
YES... Different !.... and Thankfully so.

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