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Superb Craft Gaucho Masonic Knife N...

Posted by Sabot on the 13/11/14

General Information

Price : £ 54.00

City : CADEN

Condition : New

Sale Type : Private

Make : Craft

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.·.Remarkable: exceptional piece .·. FREE SHIPPING

Superb craft Masonic Gaucho knife.

This beautiful piece of jewelry was entirely handmade in the Perez workshops in the province of Buenos Aires / Argentina. The 440 stainless steel blade was forged in the Schmieden workshops (German House located in Argentina) and measures 12 cm / 4.6'.

The 9cm / 3.55' handle itself is made of nickel silver , and has the Square and Compass brass. Decorations of stylized hand-engraved flowers. The sheath is also nickel silver shaped, measuring 14 cm / 5.5', hand carved decorations. It has a slit to be attached to the belt. The metals used were chosen for their high quality, so we get this result: this knife will never oxidize. Especially since it is silver plated! Delivered in an elegant box of blue cardboard, ready to be used as a gift.

From Wikipedia (Extract) :

Nickel silver, German silver or Alpaca is a copper alloy with nickel and often zinc. The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc. Nickel silver first became popular as a base metal for silver-plated cutlery and other silverware. It is used in zippers, excellent-quality keys, costume jewellery, for the making of musical instruments (e.g., flutes, clarinets). Early in the twentieth century, German silver was used by automobile manufacturers before the advent of steel sheet metal; for example, the famous Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost of 1907. After about 1920, its use became widespread for pocketknife bolsters, due to its machinability and corrosion resistance.


Other Masonic brass symbol: Acacia Leaf or 3 points for example: 8$.

Longer blades are available, up to 24 cm / 9.5'.

Can also be made of silver and gold.

To sum up, all your wishes can become true!

Ask me for a price. Your questions are very welcome!

Shipping in the bulk of the countries: 2 weeks (without options).

Deadline with personal options: 5 weeks.

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